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Lakewood Montessori IMaria Montessori was one of the first educators to understand the overwhelming influence of environment on the development of children. A rich and captivating childhood environment enhances development and positively affects children throughout their lives. The philosophy that she developed over 100 years ago is based on the principle that children naturally love to learn. At Lakewood Montessori we also embrace the notion that care of the environment, peaceful coexistence with other people and the understanding of other cultures are all essential to the education of children.

Lakewood Montessori IIA visit to the Lakewood Montessori classrooms is the best introduction to the Montessori approach to education. We are proud of our classroom environments and we would love for you to see our Montessori Philosophy in action. Observing children at “work”, talking to the teacher, and perhaps a conversation with another school parent will give you a wonderful introduction to Montessori and to our schools. Please do not hesitate to call or stop by and talk personally with us if you have questions or concerns that are not covered in this website. We believe that a strong relationship between home and school is essential for a child’s well being and we encourage you to visit, become a volunteer or take part in our informal parent education programs. You will be receiving regular newsletters and school updates from us. In turn we ask that you keep us informed about your child. We look forward to having you and your child as part of our family at Lakewood Montessori. We focus on the needs, talents, gifts, and special individuality of each child.

  • Individual programs for learning are developed for each child
  • Children are encouraged to develop their observation skills by doing activities that include the use of all of their senses
  • Independence is encouraged by teaching children “practical life” skills. Lakewood Montessori Preschool children learn to take an active part in their household, neighborhood and school
  • Your child controls the pace, topic and repetition of lessons independent of the rest of the class or of the teacher

Lakewood Montessori has full-time, year-round, professionally delivered educational programs for children age 6 weeks to 6 years that will exceed your expectations.

Lakewood Montessori I and II provide:

  • Infant Care { 6 Weeks to 18 Months}
  • Toddler Care Growth and Development {18 Months to 3 Years}
  • Preschool/Kindergarten {2 Years to 6 Years}
  • Before School Care
  • After School Care
  • Drop In

All children need affection and friendliness. They require affirmation, encouragement and understanding. The children are encouraged in the development of self-discipline, self-knowledge, independence, an organized approach to problem solving and academic skills and an enthusiasm for learning. At Lakewood Montessori, children are taught according to his or her age appropriate capabilities and individual needs. Each child develops within predictable phases that our experienced Montessori teachers are trained to recognize and manage. We guide the children’s learning through toddler and preschool activities that will challenge and develop their abilities, but are not past their capabilities. The goal of a Montessori education is to help children become responsible, self-motivated learners competent in all areas of life. The Montessori Method recognizes “sensitive periods” in a child when he can absorb information from an enriched hands-on environment provided to him.

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